colonial ancestor you may have received a small segment from. (CD), of Upper Kittery, ME;yDNA Study (updates in progress 24 Feb 20)Gregory, John. (CD), of Lynn and Reading, MA;yDNA StudyMcIntire, Robert. James mackall, John Mackshane, and Thomas Tower became forge hands under John Vinton, John Turner jr, , Henry Leonard and Quenten Prey. 15 or 20 of the men went to Richard Leader for services at his Saw Mill , at Berwick, on the Pascataqua River,in Maine. We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally, Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free, Consider paying for It is likely that most descendants will not have any detectable autosomal DNA from ancestors this far back in time. (CD), of Charlestown, MADaniel, Davey. Bryson, who was formerly called Adam Graham, was initially assigned to Cornton Vale, the one women-only prison in Scotland, after a trial at the High Court in Glasgow. There were 4000 dead, 10,000 captured, and 4000 more escaped. A transgender two-time convicted rapist was sentenced to eight years in Scottish prison Tuesday after starting to publicly identify as female while awaiting trial and spending time in a women's prison, according to BBC News. (CD), of Woburn MAMacDonald/Mackdaniel/Mackneile/Daniel. (IWI), Braintree MA, Block Island RITower, Thomas. And Who were the shared Scottish ancestors of the transported men and their modern Scottish relatives. (LLNV), of Lynn, MACahoon,William. List of Again, many were ordered for transportation - and on 8 th November 1651, the John and Sarah took sail with around 300 Scottish prisoners on board. (LLNV), of Dover, NHHolmes/Holme/Homes/Hume, Thomas. He wrote, The Scots, whom God delivered into your hands at Dunbarre, and whereof sundry were sent hither, we have been desirous (as we could) to make their yoke easy. However, letting them go could prove to be very dangerous. (IWI), 1653: Lynn, MA and New Haven, CTBank, John. Facebook or Yahoo. Is this freedom? (d.head || d.body).appendChild(s); The best practice is to leave your results in the project to accumulate matches over time. (CD), of Hartford, CTForbes/Forbush, John (1). (IWI), of Lynn, MAWarren, James. Scots Prisoners and their Relocation to the Colonies, 1650-1654 Project Profiles share Log In Join - It's Free Home People Projects Genealogy DNA Tests Projects Scots Prisoners and their Relocation to the Colonies, 1650-1654 Profiles show advanced controls Sorted by date added close settings Biography (LLNV), of Lynn, MAElder/Elyer,Daniel. (CD), Woburn, MABruce, James. Henry Magoon married Elizabeth Lissen in 1661 and Alexander Gordon then married Mary, the youngest of lessin's daughters, in 1664. Petitions could be on behalf of persons convicted in courts of any level and for sentences ranging from a few weeks imprisonment to death. The Saugus Iron Works is now a national historic site. (IWI), of Lynn and Boston, MAJordan,William. Scots prisoners sent to New England around 1651 But the Y chromosome is very powerful for earlier ancestry because it changes very little as it is passed from father to son. Payment for medical care and medicine as well as food was needed. political prisoners were also often deported. Daniel Livingston in 1694 was attacked by Indians. Sentences of transportation were still passed, with convicts held in prison while the government considered alternative destinations. Note: We deliberately chose the words slave, slavery and slave labor because we view any kind of forced labor as slavery. After the Battle of Worcester, the prisoners were marched to London and confined there for a few months on the artillery grounds at Tuthill fields, which were about a half mile from Westminster Palace. (CD), of Oyster River, NH; York, MEKelton,Thomas. These can be useful in researching transported convicts. (CD), of Cambridge, MAMcCoy, John. Dr. Andrew Millards list in,Lost Live, New Voices. The . The Scottish POWs were all still of marriageable age when freed from bondage, and many did marry. Add a pedigree (GEDCOM) to your FTDNA account. (LLNV), of Dedham, MAGrant,Peter. (CD), of Kittery, ME and Dover, NHFresell/Frizzell,James. (CD)Marshall, John. Dr. Andrew Millard's list in, Lost Live, New Voices. Later they lived in Rowley. elem.async = true; This information will help us make improvements to the website. [] sold (there is no other word for it) in New England, where a Puritan minister commented, The Scots, whom God delivered into [Cromwells] hands at Dunbarre, and whereof sundry were sen [], [] in Bangor, Maine, on September 2, 1888. Bennett Senior changed the newspaper industry with such [], How Scottish POWS Were Sold as Slave Labor in New England, John Cotton defended the practice. As a young ma Board of Trade and Secretaries of State: America and West Indies, Original Correspondence CO 5/190 p 361. . Others who have some evidence to support a possible connection to the Dunbar or Worcester prisoners. Finding all ten ships, listed together in one document, has been an illusive task This was near Kitteryand York, Maine. The Iron Works at that time covered over 600 acres, from what is now Saugus Center to Walnut street up towards what is now North Saugus, almost out to where Route one is now and over as far as Lynn Commons. (CD)Mark, Patrick. To my mind it is slavery. Daneil Gill , age 81 and th e son of another Scotsman Junkins, were out fishing, when they were attacked and killed by Indians. which include use of any spider, robot, retrieval application or any device 1635) All this means that this Project is a Y DNA project, and we cannot use autosomal DNA (but you can use it to prove relationship to a proven Y line SPOW descendant). Holding such a large number of prisoners could be costly. Finding out more about a person transported to North America or the West Indies is likely to be difficult, though legal records can be useful. An incomplete list of Scots who were sent to New England in 1650 appeared in the Iron Works papers in 1653. Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events.Sign up, All content is available under the Open Government Licence George S. Stewart's list Captured at Dunbar, (CD) William Furbush was in constant trouble for his outspoken comtempt of the English authority. John Curmuckhell, also called Carnicle, came on the John and Sara. If you have new ones, alert the administrators so they can be invited to join the project. elem.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? He completed his indenture with no more incidents. If all of the Kelts From Ireland, Scotland,Wales and Cornwall fought together, Cromwell would have been defeated and Charles 11 would have kept his head! John Becx and Joshua Foote conferred with their partners, the Undertakers of the Iron Works. Frank S. Black traced his ancestry to the Scottish POW. ISTG NOTICE: These electronic pages are Copyright 1998-2023 and may NOT be The National Archives holds records of many criminal trials and convictions as well as convict voyages, censuses and pardons and this guide explains how these are indexed and how they can be searched. research. (J&S), Adams, James. ( Mac Connell, Mc Connell), Mackdo(n)ell Sander Mac Donnell, Mac Donnell), MackDonnell John ( Mc Donnell, Mac Donell), MackCunnell Sander ( Mc Connell Mac Connell), MackCunnell Cana ( Mc Coornell, Mac Cornell), Macendocke Daniell Mcendocke, Mc Kendock ), Mackey Huge ( mackie, Mc Kay, Mc key, Maki ), Macky John ( Makie, maki. Auburn burial plot, By Bill Ilott from Boston, USA Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA, CC BY 2.0, In 1711. His widow married another Scotchman, Micuim Mc Intyre. Again, many were ordered for transportation and on 8th November 1651, the John and Sarah took sail with around 300 Scottish prisoners on board. The remainder were sold to local residents. Some married Irish housemaids, also brought to the colonies as slaves. He married John Pearce's daughter . They are as follows: All the prisoners were freed by 1656 or 1657. (CD), of Dover NH, Kittery ME;yDNA StudyToish, John. Slavery is forever. Steve Carlson article on The Saugus iron Works. So I made a project of it and in London collected the complete information set on all the Rebels at the trial, all 1,301 of them, expecting that there were plenty of other Rebel descendants here in America who would be excited to hear about these men. The records of these appeals can be very useful. By the 19th century, the Scots Charitable Society maintained the Scots Temporary Home in Boston and a burial plot in Mt. In 1667 a seat was assigned for him at the Amsbury Church. He was taken with other prisoners to the American Colonies. var d = document, s = d.createElement('script'); (IWI), of Lynn, MA (Updated 24 Feb 2020)Dowty [Doughty],Thomas. (IWI), of Lynn, Salem and Marblehead, MADavison ye Scot. It gives orders for the transportation of Jacobite prisoners in Liverpool Castle to plantations in America and provides instructions for the care of sick prisoners, 29 February 1716 (SP 35/5/13). Most of the Scots were hired out to other employers and went to colliers. You can often find: HO 10 contains material about convicts pardons and tickets of leave from New South Wales and Tasmania, 1834-59. (CD), of Ipswich, Massachusetts.Ross, Thomas. In 1698 he had a grant of land, 50 acres,in Eastern Massachusetts. Some were executed. sites by using our customised search engine, Electric Transportation was not formally abolished until 1868, but it had been effectively stopped in 1857 and had become unusual well before that date. Prisoners to the Lynn Iron Works John Clarke George Thompson Robert MacIntire John Toish James Adams John Archbell James Danielson John Banke Alexander Braband Alexander Burgess George Darling Micam Downing Alexander Dugle James Dunsmore Alexander Eaton Alexander Ennis James Gourdan Peter Grant Thomas Gaulter Alexander Grimes Andrew Jempson (LLNV) 2. Many small segments are ancient segments of DNA that become common in a community. They associated with Robert Stewart and left everything to him. Some men were shot because they either could not or would not march. List of rebel prisoners: with their rank and the number of witnesses against them, July 17 1746 (SP 54/32/41C). On 3 Sep 1650, the English defeated the Scots at the Battle of Dunbar. He had no children. If you are a female researcher of a SPOW history, look for male relatives of yours who have the surname of interest, or a proven male line descent, and test their Y DNA. (CD), of Lynn, MassachusettsFassett/McPherson/Mackfassy,Patrick. Thanks to This information will help us make improvements to the website. ( Mc Kendra, Mc kandra, Mac Kandra ), Mac Kane John ( Mc Canne , Mac Kane, Mc Kane), Mac Kane patricke ( Mc kane , Mc Cane ), Mac Kannell Daniel ( Mac Connell, Mc Connell ), Mac Kannell Wm. . (CD), possibly Hugh STEWARD/STUARD of Falmouth/Yarmouth and Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts?Stewart, James. Gen. Soc of Boston. Many more records survive from this period but, as few are indexed by name, finding an individual can still be difficult. (CD)McNair, Alexander. Many Irish prisoners were sent to America, primarily to Virginia and Maryland, until 1775. (IWI), 1653: Lynn, Carlisle, and Concord, MA; yDNA StudyAgnew, Niven. (IWI), of Lynn, MAMcClay, John. Alexander Gordon died in Exeter in 1697, and his children had many descendants. Indentured servants had rights, and had an agreed end to the terms, Slaves did not. A list of them can be found here. From "An Incomplete List of Scottish Prisoners of War Sent to New England in 1650" -- According to Colonel Banks' 1927 paper presented to the Massachusetts Historical Society, in the aftermath of the Battle of Dunbar, 900 Scots were to be sent to Virginia. (CD), of Lynn, MAHobbs, Henry. William Furbush and Daniel Fergison bought land together in what is now Elliot, Maine. If they can prove a SPOW descent, then that is your descent as well. Now autosomal DNA (like the Family Finder test, or popular tests from other companies) is the most common type of DNA test and many people ask to join the Project using autosomal tests. (CD)Stewart, Alexander. Robert got interested in folklore while he studied at [], [] Is anyone such a fool as to suppose that out of six thousand girls in Lowell, sixty would be there if they could help it? HO 10 and HO 11 can be downloaded free of charge from Discovery, our catalogue; however, please be aware that these are very large files, suitable only for download via a fast and unlimited broadband connection. The names of these 272 prisoners have survived in time, many of those who survived their terms of indentured labour would settle in the colonies, and have living descendants today. (1), (CD), of Charlestown and Marlborough, MA.Stewart, Alexander. Doesnt matter how we try to dress this up, it was definitely slavery. A Common Man's Survival After Being Captured at the Battle of Dunbar and Sold into Servitude in America In the winter of 1650-51, one hundred fifty ragged and hungry Scottish prisoners of war arrived at Massachusetts Bay Colony, where they were sold as indentured laborers for 20 to 30 pounds each. Before 1775, more than 50,000 prisoners were sent to Americaprimarily to . The following is exactly how I found it recorded so nothing is misspelled. Among its early settlers were indentured royalist soldiers from Scotland. Then he was moved to York, Maine, where he was killed on Sept. 28, 1691. A list of the passengers of the John and Sara is given in the Suffolk Deed Records, book 1. pp. Note: There was a Thomas Holmes / Hume listed as being sold to Henry Sayward of York for 30 Pounds. (CD), of Boston, MAMcDonald, Neil. They have not been sold for slaves to perpetual servitude, but for 6 or 7 or 8 yeares, as we do our owne [indentured servants] , As one historian noted drily, Cottons sanction deadened the New England conscience.. You may read a transcription of this warrant and view scans of The infusion of Scottish blood into the New England and Virginian population was to provide the United States with a very rich genetic base for their further development. Page Notes US POWS 36 29 2 33 1776 name, rank, regiment, 6 pages Navy Officers 44 37 474 1781 It was then called the Scotsman's House, it had been framed by Samuel Bennett, a master carpenter who also worked on constructing the Iron Works. It produced much-needed iron bars for tools, building materials and cooking implements. (IWI)Taylor, John. (CD), of Dorchester and Sudbury, MAEmery, William. (CD), of Dover, NH and Saco, MEDill, Daniel. (IWI), 1653: Lynn, MassachusettsBarry, James. The Scots Did have a bad time;however the Irish had a much Worse time. (CD)Guthrie/Gutridg, Robert. On September 16Th, the secretary,Gualter Frost, was ordered to confer with the petitioners, to terms under which they would undertake the project. // Replace PAGE_IDENTIFIER with your page's unique identifier variable John Barry died during an Indian attact in 1671. (CD), of Charleston, MA (Updated 22 Feb 2020), Original List of Dunbar Prisoners Profiles, yDNA Study (updates in progress 24 Feb 20), Durham University Scottish Soldiers Project, 35 Scots at Lynn 1653, Iron Works Inventory, Bravender/Braband/Brebner/Brabiner, Alexander, Forbes/Furbush/Farbish/Furbish/Farsbush/Farbuish, John (2), Forbes/Furbish/Furbush/Forbush/Ferbush,William, Livingstone/Levingstone/Lewiston/Levestoon, Daniel. After 1718, approximately 60,000 convicts, dubbed "the King's passengers," were sent from England to America. After 1776, all criminal transportation was to modern-day Australia, specifically New South Wales and Van Diemens Land (modern-day Tasmania). (CD)McFarland, Purdie. }); Search just our 1. (IWI) 3. But the Y chromosome is very powerful for earlier ancestry because it changes very little as it is passed from father to son. His widow Dorothy then married another Scotsman, Micuim Macintire, who bought land from Maxwell. They arrived in Boston in December. with any of these companies then you can create an account In 1686 Brown and Orr brought suit against John Bray for carrying away their grass at Brave Boat Harbor. Unfortunately, this type of DNA test is not useful for researching ancestors from the 1650s, or from colonial New England. Scotch Prisoners sent to Massachusetts in 1652 (this presents the names in order as given) The John and Sarah 1651-1652 ( also presents the names in order as given) Jeam Macarory first appears in Dedham records of the 11th day of the 12th month, 1660 when he was taxed 11 shillings. New York Gov. On June 23, 1759, at the age of 83, his wife gave her deposition. Please enable JavaScript to view the I know it looks funny but as we all know that's how they wrote things back then, "London This 11th of November , 1651; Captain Jojn Greene; "Wee whose names are under written frighters of your shipe the Joh and Sara doe order yow forthwith as winde & weather shall permitt to sett sajle for Boston in New England $ there deliver our Orders and Servants to Tho kemble of charles Towne to be disposed of by him according to orders wee have sent him in the behalfe & wee desire yow to Advise with the said Kemble about all that may be concerne that whole Intended bojage using you Jndeavo's with the said Kemble for the speediest lading your shipp from New Eng, to the barbadoes with porvisions $ such other things as are in N.E.

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