. I have an error card that nobody else has, as far as I can see from scouring the internet. 1991 ULTRA FLEER Baseball Card # 248 RICKEY HENDERSON OAKLAND ATHLETICS. The Hank Aaron SIDE B card was recently discovered and released to the public discussed The 30 Most Valuable Baseball Cards of All Time (2023 Update) article online. I recently got a Patrick mahones game ticket numbered 04/40 with no seats or row or section and its a all black stamp any clue if its worth anything. Teams | 1992 Fleer Ultra - Tony Gwynn Commemorative Series #3 Tony Gwynn. It was a much smaller checklist than other sets of the day, but that was Fleer's intention as they were trying to create a premium set with a better sense of exclusivity to it. 1991 Fleer #377 Joel Skinner Cleveland Indians Signed Auto Autograph Swsw6. 4. I have a 1989 Darrell Evans Topps Traded card 31T on the back all his stats are pitcher related the only stats I see that is correct are the games played any ideas where I can find out this cards value, I have a 1990 fleer jay bell card number 459 in his last name bell the lower part of the b is a p. I have a 1992-93 Karl Malone AN4 with no name or any printing on the front that Im trying to find some value info on. As with most Junk Wax Era products, this set was grossly overproduced as an estimated 3 million copies of each card were printed. While many pitchers could only dream of pitching 25 years in the Big Leagues, Ryan was still doing it at a high level. - Gallery . Inserts and Related Sets | epsilonco-0 (365) 100%. Pricing | And at 44 years old, somehow, the Ryan Express just kept chugging from there all season long. Think its the Topps Allen and Ginter card. - Card Rankings - Pricing . With Griffey Jr. leading the way, things were starting to fall into place slowly but surely and better days were on the horizon. How do I contact someone about potential value please? Brand New. Comments | Rating: 5.1 (139 votes) And please subscribe to the pod! Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at the list: During his third year in the league, Ken Griffey Jr. continued his climb to become one of the most productive and well-rounded players in baseball. 3 - Lance Blankenship VAR - Oakland Athletics. 1991 Ultra card list & price guide. 1 w "Inc." & 1 "Inc" wout period, 1 Blue Background (NM) & 1 Purple Background (NM), 1 Normal Dark card stock & 1 White card stock, Fronts have different side borders. The prices shown are the lowest prices available for John Franco the last time we updated. Heading into the last game of the 1990 season against the California Angels, Rickey Henderson needed two stolen bases to tie Lou Brock's career record of 938. And on Opening Day on April 8, 1991, he would be their starting first baseman, batting fourth in the order between Robin Ventura and Carlton Fisk. 1981 Fleer. So I have a Junior Felix Fleer91 Blue Jay card on the front and a Keith Brown Cubs on the back. - Packaging Though it was meant to be a premium set, many in the hobby expressed disappointment in what was perceived as a lackluster design and the sentiment carries forward today. $5.00. But some cards have shown up that show several other hologram types: -1990 Upper Deck Baseball hologram are a pattern of baseballs and "upper deck" repeated. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. I have a rare 1990 Fleer Alvaro Espinoza card #441 with the ink from the printing of the 90 on top left. From that day forward, Thomas was electric during his sophomore campaign, batting .318 with 32 home runs, 109 RBIs and 104 runs scored. I just wanna know if its really worth thousand. 1 Dark Charcoal Name & 1 Normal Gray Name. - Sell Sheets / Ads I have a jerry rice rookie card with the stats being for Dwaine Board stats on the back. 17 - Mark McGwire UER, VAR - Oakland Athletics. Cha c sn phm trong gi hng. Bonds had no intention of letting his foot off the gas in 1991, and by season's end, he had led the National League in on-base percentage (.410), OPS (.924), and OPS+ (160). Trivia | calendar_month 02/12/2023. One has the wrong birth year on the card, another has a blank back. Card Rankings Still, Orioles fans at least had some reason to cheer as the face of the franchise, legendary shortstop Cal Ripken Jr., went on to have a career year. 1 w 1989(.) After Upper Deck made its debut in the hobby in 1989, upping the game in card design, Fleer decided to join the premium side of the market with its 1991 Ultra baseball card set. Fleer Rookie Baseball Trading Card Sets, Fleer Baseball Sports Trading Card Sets, Fleer Original Baseball Sports Trading Card Sets, Fleer 1991 Season Baseball Sports Trading Cards & Accessories, 1961 Fleer Baseball Cards, Fleer Reprint Baseball Sports Trading Card Sets, Fleer Colorado Rockies Baseball Sports Trading Card Sets, What makes this card obscene is self-explanatory if you take a look at the photo of the card. Let's be clear: most of the cards from this set do not have any value these days. Ryan-I have 2 cards from the 89 Fleer set that represent 1 player, Dan Gladden (#112). Thanks, Yeah I just posted about the Hunter Henry Donruss Football card I have that says Patriots on the front and hes wearing a Charger Uniform and on the back it says his name and below his name it says New England Patriots all caps. 6a Dennis Eckersley Part of card number unfilled on back. Who can I contact about this too see what its worth ? Back shows Black line from next card above card number, 1 Normal 40 yr Ghost & 1 Bold 40 yr Ghost Logo, 1 Bold 40 yr Ann (NM), 1 Normal 40 yr Glow Back, 1 F* sheet code & 1 E* F* sheet code (NM), 1 Normal 40 yr Ghost (a 6) & 1 Bold 40 Yr Ghost Logo, Diff print side borders, but 1 has "yellow" next to name (Error) & 1 has normal Blue. . 1991 Ultra card list & price guide. 1991 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. (#450) If anybody could make this bananafest look good, it was a young Ken Griffey, Jr. And here on this card, Junior does a pretty good job of that. The Seattle Mariners' fifth-place finish in the AL West with an 83-79 may not have seemed significant on paper, but it was the first winning season in franchise history. Can someone please let me know. How much is it worth? He may have only been 21 years old, but Griffey was flashing skills that were on par with the best veterans in the league. That change, combined with other factors, caused Sandberg's at-bats to drop to 585, making it the first time since his injury-shortened 1987 campaign he failed to reach 600 or more at-bats. My musings about baseball cards, music, TV - Life in general. To avoid seeing McGwire's average potentially dropping below .200, Oakland A's manager Tony La Russa benched him for their final game. Forum | The discoloration has no marks on it, so you can tell it was a printing error, where color ink wasnt applied. | calendar_month 02/12/2023. Despite how collectors felt about these cards back then or even today, there are still some in the 400-card checklist that can have value in high grade. Find rookies, autographs, and more on comc.com. - Contributors For some reason, this is among one of the more popular error cards many collectors search for. But, in 1991, Smith was much better than he usually was with the bat, slashing .285/.380/.367 with 96 runs scored and 30 doubles. Well, youd be right because the photo isnt of Bonds but his teammate, Johnny Ray, instead. IT IS A 1982 TOPPS #672 BOB ROBERT KNEPPER WITH CARL YASTRZEMSKI Stat Can someone help me Please?? Thank you. Yet, advanced statistics showed that his 11.5 WAR easily outpaced the rest of the league, signifying that Ripken was more than doing his part for Baltimore. I have a zion williamson silver tribute rc (2019 hoops premium stock) misprint.. you can see easilly see the misaligned tribute logo, team logo (NOP) and also the lining on zions body frame. 1988 Topps. PriceIt Game | Thomas went 0-4 with an RBI that evening but finished the 1990 season batting .330 with seven home runs, 31 RBIs and 39 runs scored in 60 games and 191 at-bats. The Chicago White Sox drafted Frank Thomas out of Auburn University with the seventh pick of the 1989 MLB Amateur Draft. Any thoughts on value? - Card Rankings He pla. So I was wondering is that correct . Behind Ozzie's terrific leadership and solid play, the St. Louis Cardinals finished with an 84-78 record, good enough for second in the NL East but still fourteen games behind the Pittsburgh Pirates. The demand for these cards arent simply there making these error card values worthless. Uribe was born on Jan. 21, 1959. Ungraded & graded values for all 1991-92 Fleer Ultra 26/02/2023 . During the 1990 season, Bonds broke out into MVP form and picked up his first of seven career MVP Awards. Worth anything? We are user supported. Backs have different color card stock, 1 Normal Green Card &1 Dark Green card wout "." Change Log | It is a cut halfway through the middle of the card. I have a LeBron James card where its miscut the whole name off the front. Variations: Errors / Variations | 2. $0.37. Gallery | 1 w Period after season & 1 w Season (space) then period, 1991 Eric Davis, 2 Fleer Insert Error Variations #10, #B12376, 1991 Eric Karros, 2 Bowman Error Variations #604, Itm#B7993, 1991 Eric Plunk, 2 Fleer Error Variations #676, Itm#B8879, 1991 Eric Plunk, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #695, Itm#B7336, 1991 Eric Plunk, 2 UD Variations #695, Itm#B7337, 1991 Fernando Valenzuela, 1 UD Logo print error #175, Itm#B7103, Halo Logo is Split dwn middle where Lines & Words do not line up, 1991 Fleer Stickers, 2 Error Variations, #B12400, 1991 Frank Viola, 2 Score Variations #687, #B12553, 1991 Francisco Cabrera, 2 Donruss Variations #341, Itm#B8135, 1991 Francisco Cabrera, 2 Donruss Variations #341, #B11440, 1991 Frank Dipino, 2 Donruss Err Variations #360, Itm#B8020, 1991 Frank Robinson, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #639, #B19203, 1991 Frank Thomas, 2 Donruss Variations #477, #B12907, 1991 Frank White, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #568, Itm#B7287, 1991 Franklin Stubbs, 2 Fleer Variations #518, Itm#B8850, 1991 Franklin Stubbs, 2 Score Error Variations #308, Itm#B8202, 1991 Fred Lynn, 2 Donruss Variations #673, Itm#B6974, 1991 Fred McGriff, 2 Donruss Variations #261, #B21612, 1991 Fred McGriff, 2 Donruss Err Variations #389, Itm#B9022, 1991 Gary Carter, 2 Bowman Err Variations #598, Itm#B7880, 1991 Gary Carter, 2 Donruss Err Variations #BC-8, Itm#B6972, 1991 Gary Carter, 2 UD Error Variations #176, Itm#B7099, 1991 Gary Sheffield, 2 Fleer Error Variations #596, Itm#B8845, 1991 Garry Templeton, 2 Donruss Variations #252, #B21611, 1991 Garry Templeton, 2 Score Variations #117, Itm#B8338, 1991 Gene Larkin, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #501, Itm#B7288, 1991 George Bell, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #532, Itm#B7274, 1991 George Brett, 2 Bowman Error Variations #300, Itm#B7780, 1991 George Brett, 2 Donruss Err Variations #201, #B11655, 1991 George Brett, 2 Donruss Error Variations #396, Itm#B8136, 1991 George Brett, 2 Donruss Err Variations #BC-19, Itm#B6973, 1991 George Brett, 2 Score Error Variations #853, Itm#B8480, 1991 George Brett, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #525, Itm#B7289, 1991 Gerald Alexander, 2 Donruss Variations #419, #B18776, 1991 Glenn Davis, 2 Bowman Err Variations #83, Itm#B7683, 1991 Glenn Davis, 2 Bowman Error Variations #83, #B10124, 1991 Glenn Davis, 1 UD 90-91 Style Logo Error #535, Itm#B7290, 1991 Greg Cadaret, 2 Fleer Error Variations #658, Itm#B8880, 1991 Greg Cadaret, 2 UD Error Variations #343, Itm#B7212, 1991 Greg Colbrunn, 2 Donruss Variations #425, #B14075, 1991 Greg Colbrunn, 2 Donruss Print Err Variations #425, #B19206, 1991 Greg Gagne, 1 UD Holograph Logo Error #415, Itm#B7248, UD logo is split near middle, Lines do not line up, 1991 Greg Hibbard, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #679, Itm#B7338, 1991 Greg Maddux, 2 Bowman Error Variations #426, Itm#B8452, 1991 Greg Maddux, 2 Donruss Err Variations #374, Itm#B8744, 1991 Greg Maddux, 2 Fleer Error Variations #426, Itm#B8741, 1991 Greg Olson, 2 Bowman Error Variations #577, Itm#B7881, 1991 Greg Olson, 2 UD Error Variations #303, Itm#B7213, 1991 Greg Vaughn, 2 Bowman Err Variations #33, Itm#B7713, 1991 Greg Vaughn, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #526, Itm#B7291, 1991 Gregg Olson, 2 Bowman Error Variations #92, Itm#B7684, 1991 Ground Breaking, 2 UD Logo Err Variations #677, Itm#B7339, 1991 Hal Morris, 2 Topps Variations #642, #B13690, 1991 Harold Baines, 2 Fleer Err Variations #2, Itm#B8532, 1991 Heathcliff Slocumb, 1 Bowman Glow Back Variation #421, Itm#B7793, 1991 Jack Armstrong, 2 Bowman Error Variations #679, Itm#B7892, 1991 Jack Armstrong, 1 Fleer Print Error #55, Itm#B8540, 1991 Jack Clark, 2 Fleer Error Variations #526, Itm#B8851, 1991 Jack Clark, 2 Toppe Error Variations #650, #B17254, 1991 Jack Morris, 2 Bowman Err Variations #319, Itm#B7781, 1991 Jamie Navarro, 2 Bowman Variations #42, Itm#B7688, 1991 Jaime Navarro, 1 Topps Bold 40 yr Variation #548, #B3642, 1991 Javier Lopez, 2 Bowman Err Variations #587, Itm#B7882, 1991 Jay Bell, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #183, Itm#B7100, 1991 Jay Buhner, 2 Donruss Err Variations #6, Itm#B6887, 1991 Jay Buhner, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #128, Itm#B7101, 1991 Jeff Innis, 2 Topps Error Variations #443, Itm#B7513, 1991 Jeff Montgomery, 2 Fleer Error Variations #564, Itm#B8846, 1991 Jeff Parrett, 2 Fleer Error Variations #699, Itm#B8881, 1991 Jeff Reardon, 2 Score Variations #164, Itm#B8339, 1991 Jeff Russell, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #648, Itm#B7340, 1991 Jeff Treadway, 2 Bowman Err Variations #586, Itm#B7883, 1991 Jeff Treadway, 1 UD Diamond Logo Error #499, Itm#B7249, 1991 Jeffrey Leonard, 1 UD Logo print error #107, Itm#B7102, Logo is Split near middle. I have a Michael Jordan card that is halfway blank. Never seen another like it. C3PO Star Wars Obscene Error Card (SHOP ON EBAY). - Errors / Variations Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Now, the card is already an error on the back showing the copyright 1989 Leaf, but the left arm of Fetters on this card is black and white. - Change Log | Compare vs. The story here is obviously the Alex Gordon errors. | Read our methodology. Heres a 1992 Fleer Reggie Miller error card. Hall of Famers | Packaging | & 1 w 1989 (space) then period, 1991 John Smiley, 2 Bowman Err Variations #509, Itm#B8234, 1991 John Tudor, 1 UD 90-91 Hockey Style Error #329, Itm#B7214, 1991 Johnny Ray, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #678, Itm#B7342, 1991 Jody Reed, 1 Fleer Mis Cut Error #111, Itm#B8544, 1991 Jose Canseco, 2 Donruss All Star Error Variations #50, Itm#B6599, 1991 Jose Canseco, 2 Fleer Error Variation Inserts #6, #B12695, 1991 Jose Canseco, 2 Score Err Variations #398, Itm#B8203, 1991 Jose Mesa, 2 Bowman Err Variations #91, Itm#B7714, 1991 Jose Mesa, 2 Topps Error Variations #512, #B12829, 1991 Jose Offerman, 1 Topps 40 yr Bold Ghost Variation #587, Itm#B7578, 1991 Jose Rijo, 2 Bowman Err Variations #681, Itm#B7893, 1991 Jose Rijo, 2 Bowman Error Variations #681, Itm#B7995, 1991 Jose Uribe, 2 Bowman Err Variations #627, Itm#B7894, 1991 Juan Gonzalez, 2 Donruss Err Variations #371, Itm#B8745, 1991 Julio Franco, 2 Bowman Err Variations #265, Itm#B7722, 1991 Junior Felix, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #563, Itm#B7293, 1991 Keith Comstock, 1 Topps Error Variation #337, #B20515, 1991 Keith Hernandez, 2 Score Variations #89, #B12696, 1991 Keith Miller, 2 Topps Ghost Variations #719, #B18778, 1991 Ken Caminiti, 1 Leaf Error #502, Itm#B7507, 1991 Ken Griffey, Ken Griffey Jr, 2 Bowman Error Variations #246, Itm#B7723, 1991 Ken Griffey Jr, 1 Bowman Glow Back Variation #246, Itm#B7724, 1991 Ken Griffey Jr, 2 Donruss Err Variations #77, Itm#B6600, 1991 Ken Griffey Jr, 2 Donruss Error Variations #392, Itm#B9023, 1991 Ken Griffey Jr, 2 Studio Print Err Variations #112, #B11656, 1991 Ken Hill, 1 Topps 40 yr Bold Ghost Variation #591, Itm#B7579, 1991 Kent Hrbek, 2 Fleer Variations #614, Itm#B8884, 1991 Kenny Rogers, 2 Fleer Error Variations #299, Itm#B8551, 1991 Kenny Rogers, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #606, Itm#B7343, 1991 Kenny Rogers, 2 UD Variations #606, Itm#B7344, 1991 Kent Anderson, 1 Stadium Club Error #241, Itm#B6774, 1991 Kent Hrbek, 2 Topps Variations #710, #B12909, 1991 Kent Mercker, 2 Donruss Err Variations #299, #B11441, 1991 Kevin Appier, 2 Bowman Error Variations #309, Itm#B7782, 1991 Kevin Brown, 2 Donruss Error Variations #314, #B10832, 1991 Kevin Brown, 2 Fleer Error Variations #282, Itm#B8552, 1991 Kevin Brown, 2 Topps 40 Yr Logo Variations #584, Itm#B7650, 1991 Kevin Brown, 1 UD 90-91 Style Logo Error #472, Itm#B7250, 1991 Kevin Mass, 2 Bowman Variations #158, #B13070, 1991 Kevin Mass, 1 Topps Bold 40 yr ann Variation #435, #B12830, 1991 Kevin Mitchell, 1 Stadium Club Error #250, Itm#B6775, 1991 Kirby Pucket, 2 Bowman Error Variations #320, Itm#B7783, 1991 Kirby Puckett, 2 Score Error Variations #855, Itm#B8481, 1991 Kirk Gibson, 2 Donruss Variations #445, #B19207, 1991 Kirk Gibson, 2 Fleer Error Variations #199, Itm#B8545, 1991 Kirk Gibson, 2 UD Logo Error Variations #634, Itm#B7345, 1991 Kirk McCaskill, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #539, Itm#B7294, 1991 Kurt Miller, 2 Bowman Err Variations #521, Itm#B8235, 1991 Kurt Stillwell, 2 Donruss Err Variations #24, Itm#B6691, 1991 Lance Parrish, 2 Bowman Error Variations #188, #B12881, 1991 Lance Parrish, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #552, Itm#B7295, 1991 Larry Walker, 2 Donruss Error Variations #359, Itm#B7508, 1991 Larry Walker, 1 UD 90 Style Logo Error #536, Itm#B7296, 1991 Lee Smith, 2 Topps 40 yr Ghost Variations #660, #B12757, 1991 Len Dykstra, 2 Donruss Err Variations #7, Itm#B6757, 1991 Len Dykstra, 2 Donruss Variations #434, #B19205, 1991 Les Lancaster, 2 Score Error Variations #293, Itm#B8340, 1 No Comma Between Dallas & Texas.

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